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Why do boys get more privileges than girls?

It is because everybody thinks that they are more matured thangirls are but most of the time they are totally right.
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Why are girls more emotional than boys?

Girls are more emotional than guys because girls are softer inside and God made girls to care more than guys.
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Why do boys rape girls?

You would have to ask the perpetrators this question, and even they would not fully know. A lot of rapists will have different answers to why they committed such a horrible cr ( Full Answer )
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Why are there more boys than girls?

Perhaps everyone is adopting Dr. Shettles' baby gender selection method, is one theory. Google it. . As boys have a slightly higher probability of death in youth than girls ( Full Answer )
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Are there more girls than boys?

According to the CIA World Factbook 2013, the sex ratio worldwideat birth is 107 boys to 100 girls. The adult sex ratio is 984females per 1000 males worldwide. For individual ( Full Answer )
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Are their more girls than boys?

Yes. People often like boys than girls because when boys grow up, they could stay with their parents
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Is there more girls than boys?

According to current statistics, there are 6% more males than females worldwide age 15 years and under. For ages 15 to 64 there are 3% more males than females. Check out http: ( Full Answer )
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Is there more boys in Vietnam than girls?

Yes, there are more boys than girls living in Vietnam. The ratiois: 106 people of the male gender to 100 people of the femalegender.
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Why boys are more than girls?

The main reason is "bride price" or dowry that parents have to pay to the grooms family. When a girl marries in many societies the family pays to the groom a dowry/ bride pric ( Full Answer )
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Why are girls more sensible than boys?

We are different then guys I don't know why we are just more sensitive. We're more mean and tough than guys (believe it or not) but don't hurt us...we can get mad very easily. ( Full Answer )
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Why girls text more than boys?

Girls tend to gossip more and have a need for social contact, no matter which form of communication. Girls also tend to have more contacts, though not always true. It just dep ( Full Answer )
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Why do girls shop more than boys?

well girls hve more style but men just need to get a life so does my mom and my dad
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How girls get abuse more than the boys and why?

More girls are abused because more boys fight back. The boys fight back before it gets too violent, most of the times. Most girls wait until their lives are in danger to fight ( Full Answer )
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Are girls more sexy than boys?

It depends what gender you are and if you are staright. if you are gay or a woman you like boys and think they are sexy but if your lesbian or a guy you think women are sexy
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Are girls more hardworking than boys?

some are and some are not . Well, it has been noticed that a few more boys get bad grades in general, but that is mostly because of their personality, etc. It really depen ( Full Answer )
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Are girls more shy than boys?

no girls are more outgoing then boys. at times girls can be shy but boys are shyer then girls.
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Is there more girls than boys on facebook?

There is more Women. trust me i should know cause women are aalways looking for the new thing so like yeha social networks are mostly for women.
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Do boys wrestle more than girls?

Historically, wrestling has skewed heavily towards males rather than females. This leads back to its roots as an ancient Greek sport, which was exclusively for males, and even ( Full Answer )
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Why are girls more patient than boys?

it is because girls have too many things on their mind so if girl are waiting for something or someone, they can always think of something else
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How are girls more mature than boys?

Their bodies and minds just mature faster... sorry but its the simple truth that we all have to love with
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Why are boys are more preferred than girls?

The main reason is "bride price" or dowry that parents have to pay to the grooms family. When a girl marries in many societies the family pays to the groom a dowry/ bride pric ( Full Answer )
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Why boys stammer more than girls?

because there body have more testosterone then girls .............that chemical influences men and women to have sex
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Is there more boys than girls in the galxy?

Umm. Not sure about the galaxy but in most countries, it is balanced due to how our genetics are set up. There is equal probability of a male or female child. However, in some ( Full Answer )
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Why do boys have more privileges than girls?

They don't! Girls are continually rewarded for being girls throughout their lives whereas boys are raised to pamper and privilege girls as though girls are something golden co ( Full Answer )
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Why boys are more fashionable than girls?

some boys aren't more fashionable than girls. the ones that are have a great personality. your outfit says every thing about you.
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Is their more girls than boys?

It's 51% likely that a girl is going to have a baby boy, and 49% likely that a girl is going to have a girl.
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Do more boys get diabetes than girls?

All boys actually has diabetes from before they are born, it only is visible and dangerous if they enter sunlight before they are born.
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Why are boys more annoying than girls?

This sounds like more of an opinion but I can tell you this... Girls begin puberty at 8-9years. Puberty not only effects the body but also the brain and mind. Boys don't beg ( Full Answer )
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Do girls crash more than boys?

NO, males are more likely to be involved in a vehicle crash (as a driver, rather than passenger), than women. Women do not have excesses of testosterone. Hence the popularity ( Full Answer )
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Why boys are more freedom than girls?

may be because our society is shaped like that-where boys are considered strong enough to takecare of themself and girls as emotionlly weak.. they are easily controlable
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How are girls more stronger than boys?

It depends how much muscles they have.The more you exercise the bigger your muscles grow,therefore you get stronger.
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Why do girls have to get more iron than boys?

because we gurls have a period and and that causes us to lose our blood with the iron we need... and we need a lot more when we are concieveing
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Are boys more sociable than girls?

This is highly dependent on the boy and girl in question. Both boys and girls vary in personality from shy to outgoing. They do tend to socialize differently, however; boys te ( Full Answer )