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If you have a chest cold and bad cough with a stuffy nose and you cough up green yellowish phlegm is that a sign of infection?

Sign of Infection . Yea, you should get to the doctor to get that cleared up.. Here is more from WikiAnswers contributors:. That's a pretty clear sign of infection, but t ( Full Answer )
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Hard coughing makes ribs sore?

Answer . Yes, coughing hard will make your ribs sore. Coughing too much can even cause you to break a rib, so it's best to find out what's causing the cough.
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Why do you cough up black stuff?

Answer . Answer. If you are caughing up anything except white you'd better get to see a doctor very soon. Brown means bronchitis, black could mean that you are bleeding in ( Full Answer )
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If you have a a stuffy head nose and chest congestion and you cough up thick clear phlegm is that a sign of infection?

Most likely, with these symptoms, you have a viral infection, so yes, it is probably a sign of infection. This does not indicate the need for antibiotics, however. The treatme ( Full Answer )
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Coughing up green phlem?

If you are coughing up green phlem, you have more than just a basiccold. You should go see a doctor.
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Coughing up green mucus?

You should go to the doctor immedicately. If you can't get in soon you should go to your hospitals emergency room.
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What causes a bad cough and dry throat and blocked nose?

Germs or other wise know as bad bacteria. They spread, say if it starts in kindergarden and your child just touched someones backpack and that kid had sneezes on it. Well then ( Full Answer )
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How can you cure a dry throat that has hard mucus in the throat and unquenchable thirst dry cough no fever no stuffy nose?

I experience the same thing. A Dr told me it is possible that I am mouth-breathing at night, thought I doubt I am. DRY air is a possible culprit so get a humidifier, preferra ( Full Answer )
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What sickness do you have if you have cough sore throat and fever?

A cold, flu, or strep throat are the most likely candidates. If your fever goes above 102 or you have trouble swallowing, see a doctor. Otherwise, eat what you can, rest, take ( Full Answer )
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Does a sore throat and cough mean you have Swine Flu?

It could. The symptoms of swine flu are the same initially as the symptoms of most seasonal flu strains. Sore throat and cough can be some of the first symptoms. If you have f ( Full Answer )
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If you have a sore throat one day then a cough with the sore throat the next day then start sneezing the next day after that and then produce a watery runny nose today do you have the swine flu?

You may have any type of flu, not just H1N1/09 "swine flu" or it could just be the common cold. Usually, the flu causes very achy muscles, a feeling that things just aren't ri ( Full Answer )
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What disease do you have if your symptoms are runny nose sore throat cough headache and body pains?

You don't mention fever, so those particular symptoms might be indicative of a common cold virus, usually there is no fever or only a low grade fever with a cold. The flu, ( Full Answer )
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What can you take for a sore throat and cough while pregnant?

For cough and sore throat: HONEY! . Hot Lemon Tea, just add fresh lemon to hot water, stir in some honey and sip. (When you are not pregnant, you can add a jigger of whis ( Full Answer )
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How can you cough up phlegm that is stuck in your throat?

Ask the pharmacist at the drugstore what she suggests. Expectorant cough preparations that are over the counter medications can help, as well as drinking more fluids (water) t ( Full Answer )
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What heals a chesty cough?

A hot bath, but allow the room to steam up to clense your throat and to loosen the mucus, also alot of hot fluids work (not cold, it doesn't work espiciallu well) and lots of ( Full Answer )
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How do you stop chesty coughs?

You have to visit the doctors and they will give you an inhaler. You are advised not to do much running or something which may cause your breathing problems.
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Can taking halls cough drop cure a sore throat?

I don't know if Hall's Cough Drops has an herbal formula, so I don't think it can cure a sore throat. Herbal cough drops with echinacea and goldenseal are an excellent remed ( Full Answer )
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What could this be sore throat runny nose tummy ache tiredness and dry cough?

It sounds like a simple cold. Or, if you are a woman there's a good chance it's hormones- I get stuff like that all the time, and It's just hormones. Also, a possibility that ( Full Answer )
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Does this sound like the flu sore throat dry cough runny nose and tiredness?

Those are some of the classic symptoms of influenza; usually a fever is included, too, but not always. However, without fever, there are many other things that could present w ( Full Answer )
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Can cough lozenges truly relieve sore throats?

Yes sore throat relief lozenges have medicinal content and are goodalternatives to other OTC medicines. These needs to consumedregularly throughout the day as and when you fee ( Full Answer )