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How can you grow taller?

A human's height is determined by a number of factors. Genetics isfirst and most important. If your parents are short, you areunlikely to ever bump your head walking through a ( Full Answer )
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In what soil do string beans grow best?

Beans like a soil that is close to neutral and a loam soil suits them well. Clay soils would benefit from some lightening of their structure if growing beans.
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Are kidney beans same as chili beans?

Answer . Kidney beans are a type of bean, while chili bean refers to a recipe or way the beans are cooked. So chili beans can be made with several different types of beans. ( Full Answer )
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Would a bean grow faster in soil or in a moist paper towel?

ok they grow so much better in paper towels if you plant them in soil you could put too much water in and they dont even grow they get squishy and moldy if youput them in a we ( Full Answer )
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Do you need light to grow kidney beans?

"All plants need light to grow". thats untrue. in my AP bio class we grew kidney beans in light and dark and they grew just as fast as each other
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Do beans grow better in clay sand or potting soil?

Beans grow better in soil because soil has all the moisture and nutrients. If you use sand, it could be to rocky. Clay will also not be good even though it can keep good moist ( Full Answer )
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What growing conditions do red kidney beans need?

This may not cover your question completely and it refers mostly to bean "crops" but it has some information that I found useful for myself and since no one has answered this ( Full Answer )
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Will beans will grow without soil?

yes,beans will grow with/without can put the bean with a cotton in a bottle and put it under the sun but you have to water it everyday.......
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Does a lima bean plant grow faster in soil or dirt?

in soil, i did a experiment on it and some of the multiple beans died in the soil and the others didn't grow as tall or as healthy as the ones in potting soil. i am now planti ( Full Answer )
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What is a kidney bean?

Can someone please tell me what a kidney bean is!I need to know ,because I'm doning a science fair project. A kidney bean is a pulse vegetable. They are small green kidney sh ( Full Answer )
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Can you grow kidney beans?

Sure- but you need a warm home, almost full sun, great potting soil (well drained) and possibly a grow lamp.
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Is kidney beans good for your kidney?

its good for your bodys nutrition and gives protein but just becaus its a kidney bean dosent mean its good for your kidney
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Can lima beans grow without soil?

Yes lima beans can grow without soil but it's not the soil that makes the difference it is what is in the soil................................ the nutrients.
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Do lima bean plants need soil to grow?

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What soil do beans need to grow?

Beans need a loamy soil that is keep moist. Because beans have a shallow root system you will need to water them regularly and it would not be a bad idea to mend you soil with ( Full Answer )
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Why do you grow taller?

You grow because cells in your body are being reproduced faster tthan they are dying. COMMON SENSE!!
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Can cooked kidney beans be frozen -?

Definitley, any beans can be frozen after cooking, just place in a plastic freezer bag or container and lay flat in your freezer, after a few hours just removes and place in t ( Full Answer )
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Do mung beans grow better in rocky or sandy soil?

Sand.. Pure sand has no nutritional value for the plants, so sand and plain peat moss mixture is better--mung beans like pH of 6; although many commercial pot soil mixtures h ( Full Answer )
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What are the benefits of kidney beans?

Kidney beans can: . Detoxify sulfites . Kidney beans are anexcellent source of the trace mineral, molybdenum, an integralcomponent of the enzyme sulfite oxidase, which is r ( Full Answer )
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Should you drain kidney beans?

I presume you mean from a can of kidney beans and the answer is there is nothing bad about the liquid in canned kidney beans. There is no reason to throw it out unless you are ( Full Answer )
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How long can you store kidney beans?

Store dried kidney beans in an airtight container in a cool, dry,and dark place where they will keep for up to 12 months. If youpurchase kidney beans at different times, store ( Full Answer )
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Are kidney beans good for turtles?

According to Turtle care sites, it depends on what kind of a turtle you have. Obviously if the turtle is carnivorous then the major part of it's diet should include lean mean ( Full Answer )
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How can you can not grow taller?

To simplify your question, I think you meant "How can you not growtaller?" And yes I got the answer, to not grow taller, you're needto put a bit of weight, not much exercising ( Full Answer )
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Can kidney beans sprout in milk?

it cannot sprout in milk as kidney beans arent a sproutable form therefore the sproutyness cannot be educated to be released in milk, cath and soph therefore discuss+disagree ( Full Answer )
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Which type of soil makes plans grow taller?

This is for what makes plants grow taller. All plants have a "Mature" height. This is the maximum height a plant will reach under ideal growing conditions. A plant will grow t ( Full Answer )
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Is kidney beans harmful to kidney?

No. but they do contain a poison that is harmful if they are notboiled rapidly for 15 mins.
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Is a red kidney bean a bean?

The red kidney bean is definitely a legume of the bean category. They were named "kidneys" because their shape and color resembled a human kidney. They are popular in chili ( Full Answer )