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What is Tennessee's football record including bowl games their rank in wins and national championships won?

They've won 2 recognized national championships.. Their bowl record is 23-21 all time. In bowl "wins" they are tied for #3 with Penn St and Oklahoma.. Their recognized all-t ( Full Answer )
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What is the value of 1972 Miami Dolphins signed football from the Super Bowl Championship?

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Which college football bowl game is considered the official national championship?

It rotates between 4 or now maybe 5 different bowl games. Fiesta, Sugar, Orange, Rose and I believe a new historic bowl was added this last year.. Answer . As of the 2006 ( Full Answer )
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Why are the football championship games called Bowl games?

The college football postseason used to be one game. In 1923 it was moved to a new big stadium called the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. It wasn't until 1933 that another ( Full Answer )
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Who has won a NCAA football championship and a Super Bowl as a head coach?

Only 2 head coaches have won a Super Bowl, and an NCAA championship. Jimmy Johnson won an NCAA championship with the University of Miami in 1987 and Super Bowls XXVII and XXVI ( Full Answer )
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Who came up with the name Super Bowl for the NFL championship game?

AFL founder and Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt had jokinglyreferred to the proposed interleague championship as the "SuperBowl." Hunt thought of the name after seeing hi ( Full Answer )
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What days were the playoff games on that the steelers won leading to there Super Bowl win in 1975?

Divisional Round: Sunday, December 22, 1974 Pittsburgh 32, Buffalo 14. Conference Championship: Sunday, December 29, 1974 Pittsburgh 24, Oakland 13. Super Bowl IX ( Full Answer )
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Has anyone ever returned a fumble for a touchdown in a Super Bowl game?

Through Super Bowl XLII:. 1) Mike Bass of the Washington Redskins returned a Garo Yepremian fumble 49 yards for a TD in Super Bowl VII. The play is quite possibly the best bl ( Full Answer )
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Are there any football players that have a high school state championship a college national championship and a super bowl championship?

Quinn Johnson of the Green Bay Packers is one who has all three. He earned a high school state championship in 2003 (West St. John High - Edgard, La.). His college national ch ( Full Answer )
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How many total nfl games including the playoffs and Super Bowl were there in 1972?

189. There were 26 teams in the NFL in 1972 and the regular season was 14 games in length. There being 13 games per week .... 14 * 13 = 182 Four teams from each conference m ( Full Answer )
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Is there any player in football that has won high school state championship college championship and a Super Bowl?

No there has never been any player to have all 3 championships. However, there are two current NFL Players (Tim Tebow/Denver Broncos and Carson Palmer/Oakland Raiders), that w ( Full Answer )
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Is a Super Bowl the same as a championship?

Yes, it is a championship game. The winners are declared the Super Bowl champions as well as being declared their conference champions.
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Has anyone not gone to Super Bowl?

Teams that have never played in a Super Bowl: . Cleveland Browns . Houston Texans . Jacksonville Jaguars . Detroit Lions . New Orleans Saints ( Full Answer )
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How many football teams have won the Super Bowl Games from the first Super Bowl to Super Bowl XLVI?

18 TEAM WON UNTIL TODAY 2/6/11 Green Bay Packers (I, II, XXXI) New York Jets (III) Kansas City Chiefs (IV) Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts (V, XLI) Dallas Cowboys (V ( Full Answer )
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Are there any online games for fantasy football that focus solely on the NFL playoffs?

Absolutely! FantasyV2 is a new game that was designed for the NFL Playoffs. The game takes the best of traditional fantasy football, survivor leagues and pick'em and puts ( Full Answer )
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When did it go from championship to Super Bowl?

"Super Bowl" was pretty much always an unofficial nickname for it, though the tickets for the first three games (1967, 1968, 1969) were printed as "World Championship Game".
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Is the Super Bowl part of the playoffs?

Yes, it is the final game of the playoffs and is the league championship game. Whichever team wins the Super Bowl is crowned NFL champions for the season.
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What were the scores for the Baltimore Ravens playoff games the year they went to the super bowl?

The playoff scores for the Ravens 2001 Super Bowl (2000 season) run were: Ravens - Broncos (home) - 21-3 The best part about that game was watching Shannon Sharpe (recen ( Full Answer )
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What type of game is football fantasy?

The game football fantasy is an online game for any sort of football fanatic. You are able to create your own online team and act as if you were the coach of the team. Some ev ( Full Answer )