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What is BOD?

In addition to being a slang term short for "body," BOD can also be an acronym standing for various things: - Board of Directors - Biochemical Oxygen Demand - Biological Oxyg ( Full Answer )
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What is grease?

Grease is animal fat in a melted state, or, by extension, any oilyor fatty matter.
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Can taking vicodin raise your liver enzymes?

Yes, taking Vicodin can definitely raise your liver enzymes. Infact, habitually taking pain killers can cause a plethora of liverissues, both long term and short term.
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What does bod stand for?

some random stuff that noone knows cause i gd looked and i cant fund the gd answer... sorry that's wrong it stand for Biochemical oxygen demand
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How do you get grease out?

I got a lot of grease on my brand new pants when... alas! the bag holding my buttered popcorn at the movie theatre was leaking. I phoned my science whiz nephew when I got home ( Full Answer )
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What is is a grease?

Grease is an oil. The title refers to the kids who were called "Greasers" because of the large amount of oil they put in their hair.
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Enzymes tend to raise the activation energy?

Enzymes tend to lower the activation energy, rather than raise it.Enzymes are catalysts and act to speed up a biochemical reaction.
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Do enzymes lower or raise activation energy?

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What is BOD incubator?

B.O.D. Incubator is available in two model Standard and GMP model. Its construction is in Double walled, where gap between the two walls filled with high quality called Polyur ( Full Answer )
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What is BOD in chemistry?

Its full form is biological oxygen demand. Answer: The 5 day Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD 5 ) is a measure of how much biologically usable dissolved organic material is ( Full Answer )
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How do you install a grease traps?

You install a grease trap in lieu of a standard trap and the discharge is connected to the sanitary system
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Chairman of the BOD has a pivotal role in the performance of BOD.?

A board of directors is a legal requirement for an incorporated company. For the small, privately owned company, this usually means that the founder and perhaps a family membe ( Full Answer )
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BOD and COD definitions and relationship?

BOD is a measure of, the amount of oxygen that bacteria will consume while decomposing organic matter under aerobic conditions. Biochemical oxygen demand is determined by inc ( Full Answer )
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How do enzymes raise activation energy?

they speed up the reaction process causing the activation energy to rise as it breaks the molecules down
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Where can you get a trap?

Try your local hardware store. They have havahart traps there. In different sizes, too. Hope it helps.
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Could a diamond be found in the grease trap of a kitchen sink?

Yes, if a diamond has been dropped into the sink and has not been washed into the sewer system, and remains in the grease trap, it can be recovered -- usually by a plumber. ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between grease traps and grease chamber?

A grease chamber is a "drawer" or "bucket" beneath a broiler or grill. It catches natural grease runoff, which can be scraped out and disposed of after the grill or broiler ha ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning BOD MUS?

I think you mean BODMAS. It's an acronym used to remember the precendence of mathematical operations: . B = B rackets first . O = O rders (squares, cubes, etc.) . ( Full Answer )
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What is greasing?

greasing in the vehicles is like lotion for moving parts you have this tool that goes over the sockets that are on moving parts like on cam shaft chasis and u joints you squee ( Full Answer )
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Who is Kaycee bod-dicker?

There is nothing on her unless she is a personal or local friend that you are possibly looking for, but internet wise there is nothing about her.
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What is SAP BODS?

Sap Business Objects Data Services is an ETL Tool. The old name of Data Services was Data Integrator. (BODI) SAP BODS abbreviation SAP Business Objects Data Services - delive ( Full Answer )
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What are traps?

A trap is anything that captures someone or something, usuallyanimals, so they cannot get away. Most common types of traps arecages that contain food to attract the animal and ( Full Answer )
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What is the principle of BOD?

when magnesium sulfate and potassium hydroxide is added,magnesium hydroxide is formed and precipitates and conc H2SO4 is added and in presence of oxygen the preciptate turns b ( Full Answer )
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How does food get in your bod?

You eat it, it then goes thru a digestion process and the nutrients are absorbed within your intestines.
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Can aciphex raise liver enzymes?

Patients with liver disease are strongly advised to see theirdoctor prior to taking Aciphex. You may be given dosage adjustmentsor you may need to undergo special monitoring d ( Full Answer )
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What is a grease trap?

A grease trap (or grease interceptor ) is a plumbing attachment, usually a boxy receptacle, that collects grease from kitchen wastewater and prevents it from entering a septi ( Full Answer )
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What is a bod in finance?

It could refer to "Balance on Delivery". This refers to the purchase of an item where some money is paid prior to delivery - either on order and subsequently. The terms of the ( Full Answer )
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What materials are grease traps made from?

Grease traps are typically made of cement, glass, fiber glass or steel. Grease traps are used in several work places to intercept or attract the most greases with the role to ( Full Answer )
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How do grease traps typically work?

Grease traps work by preventing grease and food solids from entering the sanitary sewers. It removes all the waste from the drain, allowing the grease to float and the solid f ( Full Answer )