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What social and enviromental factors do you believe influence the crime rate?

theres isn't a simple answer to this type of question. Not only are there soical and enviormental factors but prerequiste which can influence these factors themselves. in re ( Full Answer )
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How many people have made a crime under the influence of Marijuana?

People who do Marijuana aren't tempted to do crimes because they're on Marijuana. But I'm sure over 1,000,000 people over the globe have comited a crime under the influence of ( Full Answer )
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What are the negative influences of media on crime?

According to me the negative inlfuence of media in crime is that it stimulates some people to commit crime .In another words the media develops modern skills to criminals. yo ( Full Answer )
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How does the media influence crime?

The media may influence crime in various ways. Some of the moviesthat are produced may be used as learning tactics for those whowant to progress in crime.
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How does high crime rate influence urbanization?

or does Urbanization influence High Crime Rate? You're asking a question in which thousands of hours of research have been pour into. The answer is; It could. Higher crime rat ( Full Answer )
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Were there any crimes on the Boston University campus?

Yes, but there are crimes on most campuses.. Boston University is located in an urban area. Although the main campus is not the scene of shootings and the like, it is always ( Full Answer )
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Are there any cheats to crime scene Manhattan?

Missile -> rocket Big Rocket -> missile Machine Gun -> minigun Bombs -> grenade Flamethrower -> flamer Nitro -> speed Jump -> jump Invulnerability -> Rock
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What is any crime committed by a bias called?

The use of the word "bias" makes the question worded WAY too broadly (e.g.: I might be "biased" against you because you have money in your pocket and I don't.) - BUT -I believ ( Full Answer )
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Does a harm occur in any crime?

Define "harm." Some "harm" definitely arises from being the victim of ANY offense. Not all offenses result in physical harm to the victim, but virtually all offenses involve a ( Full Answer )
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How can research influence crime control policy?

Research provides information that can help understand people who commit crimes, what is and is not working as deterrents to crime, help to determine the laws on crime and how ( Full Answer )
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Did Zeus commit any crime?

he raped hera and he was a canable to athena thinking that she would over come him so he ate her
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What is the BBC's email?

"bbc" means blind copy. You can send multiple copies to people at one time in this box and none of the people will know who the others are that received copies; they assume ( Full Answer )
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Did Aphrodite do any crimes?

It depends on what you mean by crimes. Aphrodite was a goddess, and the rules for gods and goddesses were far different than for ordinary mortals. In Greek mythology, Aphrodit ( Full Answer )
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Did horus commit any crimes?

Depends on if your thinking in modern 'crime' or ancient 'crimes'; in short however he, unlike Set, did not kill anyone.
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Did Athena commit any crimes?

Well, as far as I can remember, she committed two or three major crimes, firstly she accidentally murdered Pallas the daughter of Triton and the granddaughter of her uncle Pos ( Full Answer )
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Any fees to become a crime detective?

You will have to contact the agency that you are considering working for to find out what their requirements are. Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies each have ( Full Answer )
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How is crime in society influenced by schools?

Children in school are evaluated in terms of a middle class measuring rod meaning they are expected to adhere to certain standards and do not succeed if they do not. Gangs are ( Full Answer )
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What influences teens to commit crimes?

There are many influences that drive teenagers to commit minor to serious crimes. In 2009 the U.S. alone made an estimated 1.5 million arrests against people under the age of ( Full Answer )
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Did Lady Macbeth commit any crimes?

Well, not exactly, but she did persuade Macbeth to murder king Duncan, so you could say she was the main reason for that crime. Other than that I don't know, sorry
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How does poverty influence crime and violence?

Poverty influences crime and violence because people with less money will steal items to stay alive and to help themselves feel socially equal. Violence is often associated be ( Full Answer )
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How does political difference influence crime?

This is hard to answer since everyone will answer according totheir political biases. So let's try to break it down by majorgroups of viewpoints: Conservative View Liberal ( Full Answer )
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Has dick turpin done any crime?

dick turpin was a man which stole goods on the highway. he stole on the highway because lots of traders and rich people go though there. hope this helped
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Did the goddess Athena comit any crimes?

Every god and goddess in Greek mythology had their faults. Athena embarassed Arachne for claiming that she was better than Athena at weaving . Arachne was so ashamed that she ( Full Answer )
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What is the influence of crime to the church?

Crime is overcome by the church according to the Scriptures _ Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. (Romans 12.21) Crime is sin and Christ, "has appeared to ( Full Answer )
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Did Adolf Hitler commit any crimes?

Yes, he did. Killing innocent Jews and the other stuff he did would be counted as a crime.
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What will happen if you do any criminal crimes?

Some criminals get away with their crimes, and others get caught. Those who get caught are subject to various penalties, depending upon the severity of the crime. They may be ( Full Answer )
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Did Persephone commit any crimes?

I'm not positive if she did or not later in her life but as a young maiden in the myth of Persephone and Demeter, Persephone does not commit any sort of crime to provoke Hades ( Full Answer )
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Did hatshepsut commit any crimes?

Kings and pharaohs can commit any crime and no being accounted for.They could do anything.
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Did cronus commit any crimes?

Swallowing five of his six children was a fairly big one, and he went to Tartarus for it- and later, Zeus supposedly forgave him and he ruled the Isle of the Blessed.
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Can a judge choose any punishment for a crime?

yes a judge can choose a punishment for any crime well he needs to have the authorization from someone to continue whit the punishment.