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When can a woman not get pregnant?

A woman who only has sex after the ovulation period of her cycle will not get pregnant. This means abstaining from sex for a week prior to ovulating and the 48 hours of fertil ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a woman pregnant?

You and your wife (hopefully) get naked and have sex. A woman can also get pregnant by insemination through, not just through having sex.
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Does a man and woman has to have orgasmes at the same time for a woamn to get pregnant?

Answer . No! Most definitely not. The sperm does not recognise a woman having an orgasm. A raped woman, who did not come (orgasm), and certainly did not enjoy the experien ( Full Answer )
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How many orgasms can a woman have at one time?

If you are with a man, it depends what the man does to you to give you pleasure. If you are on your own, then it is up to you how many orgasms you have. The most i have had is ( Full Answer )
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How many orgasms can a woman have in a row?

If a woman is truly in tune with her body, the amount of orgasms she can have in a row is unlimited. She needs to practice, though. This is not something a man can do alone fo ( Full Answer )
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Orgasms a woman can have in one hour?

I have given my girlfriend over 50 in an hour. It involves the belief that she can have that many along with several sexual techniques. The Welcomed Consensus, David Shade, an ( Full Answer )
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How many types of orgasms can a woman have?

There appears to be three or four types of orgasms a woman can have: 1. the tenting type (derived from clitoral stimulation), 2. the A-frame type (derived G-Spot stimu ( Full Answer )
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What can a pregnant woman not do?

Skydive, or ride anything at an amusement park (except the slow train). Most doctors recommend against taking baths, as well.
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How do you make woman squirt orgasms?

lots of fluids and proper placement of hands in vagina seem to help in the matter, however the female has to use stomach muscles to push causing the squirt
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How many orgasms can a woman have during one round of Sex?

women can have multiple orgasms during a typical sexual session. unlike the male they are able to recover quickly from their first orgasm however being able to have multiple o ( Full Answer )
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Can a woman get pregnant?

Most can, some are unable to for various reasons. In speaking of humans, only a woman can get pregnant.
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Can a girl get pregnant if she orgasms and the guy didn't ejaculate?

If there was no semen released, then you could not become pregnant. Your orgasm has nothing to do with it. However, just because he did not reach full ejaculation, does not ne ( Full Answer )
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How do you know when a woman orgasms?

Her body may tense up, she may dig into your skin with her nails,she might moan or scream, or even squirt which is amazing. Or shecan fake it but if she tenses or squirts then ( Full Answer )
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Where does a woman orgasm occur at?

It starts in the pelvic area and then radiates out through her body. What orgasms are: It happens at the peak of her arousal, a series of involuntary rhythmic rapid muscle c ( Full Answer )
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How do you tell if woman are orgasms?

Where did you learn your grammar?. well she will usually have different facial expressions, but all women have different different reactions and ways of expressing emotions o ( Full Answer )
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Can a woman make another woman pregnant?

No, your egg needs to be fertilized by a sperm; something a woman do not produce :) No. Men and women were specifically designed to make children...themen have the sperm, and ( Full Answer )
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Why do woman get pregnant and how?

A woman gets pregnant during intercourse sex when the man sperm hits the woman egg cell. . There are many factors which affect your probability of pregnancy. Among them are ( Full Answer )
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Is it bad for woman to have to many orgasms?

Surprisingly, yes. An orgasm drains your body's energy and is only supposed to be used for sex which is why you get very tired after sex. You can masturbate but I've only had ( Full Answer )
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How can a woman not get pregnant?

There are all sorts of contraceptive devices on the market. one needn't go into detail preferring prudence to pushing (Pills). Prudence and the Pill was a movie not dealing wi ( Full Answer )
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How do you no when a woman is pregnant?

Some women "sense" this almost immediately. You can get pregnancy test kits at drug stores, or visit a free clinic or medical professional for an examination. If the woman i ( Full Answer )
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How can a transsexual woman get a woman pregnant?

If a transsexual woman was born with a male body and had sexual relations with a female before her sex reassignment surgery (and preferably before hormone usage), then she has ( Full Answer )
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How do you make your woman have more orgasms?

Sex is a wonderful thing. I haven't met a person yet who would dispute this. Everybody loves sex, whether they like talking about it openly or not. One of the reasons you're r ( Full Answer )
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How do you know when a woman has orgasmed?

Unless you know each other well you should probably ask. Some are quiet and others are not. Everyone is different.
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Why can't a woman get pregnant by a woman?

Because women do not produce sperm, which is necessary to fertilise the egg which is released by monthly by women.
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How many minutes does a woman take to have her orgasms?

it just matter on how into it you are. if you are REALLY into it and he/she is doing a good job it will be in no time that a women orgasms. if the women isn't that in to it at ( Full Answer )
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What is an orgasm-?

The official definition for the word orgasm is "a climax of sexualexcitement, characterized by feelings of pleasure centered in thegenitals and (in men) experienced as an acco ( Full Answer )
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What do Pregnant woman do?

For the first 6-7 months, anything she wants to do. After that, there are only moderate restrictions on physical activity. She probably shouldn't sky-dive or race horses, for ( Full Answer )