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Does rain water contain salt?

No. Salt is too heavy to evaporate. Even though some rain water is evaporated from the ocean it does not contain salt. No. When the water evaporates, it leaves the salt behind.

What does fresh water mean?

Fresh water is water that does not contain any salt content. Oceans and some lakes contain salt. Fresh water sources include most creeks, streams, lakes, and rivers.

Contrast salt water and fresh water?

Fresh and salt water are very different for one key reason, fresh water doesn't contain salt and salt water obviously does. There are different flora and fauna in fresh and salt water for this reason.

Why is salt water brackish?

Salt water and brackish water are different in terms how the amount of salt. You can say salt water is brackish, since brackish water and salt water both contain salt. However, salt water has more salt than brackish water, since… Full Answer