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What is romese?

A language descended from the Romance languages; a highly advanced language consisting of Spanish, French, Italian and Dyak. known only to highly specialized linguists. Full Answer

Who is Sheng Fat?

Sheng-fat was a warlord of brutal re-known who operated from Wenzi Island in the South China Sea. He was the son of a Chinese pirate, his mother was a headhunting Sea Dyak. It is said that his father died when… Full Answer

What is pre colonial life and culture?

HISTORY The cultural achievements of pre-colonial Philippines include those covered by prehistoryand early history of the Philippines archipelago and its inhabitants, which are the indigenous forebears of today's Filipino people. Agriculture The Banaue Rice Terraces, they are part of the… Full Answer

What are some endangered animals that begin with the letter B?

Every endangered animal on the planet that begins with B:Babault's Mouse ShrewBabina subasperaBabirusaBachman's SparrowBachman's Wood WarblerBack-striped Sportive LemurBactrian CamelBadplaas Black MillipedeBadwater SnailBaer's PochardBaer's Wood MouseBaetica ustulataBaganganBagre De Rio VerdeBagre De YaquiBagrecito Andes FrogBahama SwallowBahaman Lesser Funnel-eared BatBahamas Rock IguanaBahamian HutiaBahia… Full Answer