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What does Diana drink?

Diana made up a trinity with two other Roman deities: Egeria the water nymph, her servant and assistant midwife; and Virbius, the woodland god. So,as there was a lot of water about-I guess just water! Full Answer

What is an elodia plant?

Elodia (Egeria densa elodia) is a tall water plant specifically used in fish tanks. It is green, has small leafs attached to the stem on all sides, and does not require much to survive. It needs just water and sunlight… Full Answer

What are the names of the asteroids?

Largest first. [See related link for more information] Ceres Pallas Vesta Hygiea Interamnia Europa Davida Sylvia Cybele Eunomia Juno Chariklo Euphrosyne Hektor Chiron Thisbe Bamberga Fortuna Herculina Patientia Doris Ursula Camilla Eugenia Iris Amphitrite Diotima Egeria Aurora Psyche Full Answer

Is the elodeA a plant or animal?

ELODEA is a kind of aquatic plant. Elodea is a genus of aquatic plants often called the waterweeds. Elodea is native to North America and is also widely used as aquarium vegetation. It lives in freshwater. The introduction of some… Full Answer

What are some invasive species that begin with e?

Echinochloa walteri Walter's-millet, coast cockspurNative PlantEchinodorus cordifoliuscreeping burheadNative PlantEgeria densa common waterweedNon-native PlantEichhornia azurearooted water hyacinthNon-native PlantEichhornia crassipes water hyacinthNon-native PlantElaeagnus pungenssilverthornNon-native PlantEleocharis baldwinii road-grassNative PlantEleocharis cellulosa club-rushNative PlantEleocharis geniculataannual spikerushNative PlantEleocharis interstincta jointed spikerushNative Plant Full Answer

What are fantails?

The fantail goldfish is a good choice for beginners since they are very hardy and due to the fact that Fantail goldfish can be kept in temperatures close to the freezing point. Fantail goldfish are also an ideal choice if… Full Answer

What are all the roman god names?

Roman Gods and goddess list A Abeona - a goddess who protected children the first time they left their parents' home, safeguarding their first steps alone Abundantia - goddess of good fortune, abundance, and prosperity Acca Larentia - goddess of… Full Answer

What are some species of the mammal bats?

There are over 1000 species of bat I have listed them all in sientific classification so here it is- Order: Chiroptera Family: Pteropodidae Genus: Eonycteris Eonycteris major Eonycteris robusta Eonycteris spelaea Genus: Macroglossus Macroglossus minimus Macroglossus sobrinus Genus: Megaloglossus Megaloglossus… Full Answer

Kinds of bats?

This list contains the placental mammals in Order Chiroptera: Family Noctilionidae (Bulldog bats) Genus Noctilio Lesser Bulldog Bat (N. albiventris) Greater Bulldog Bat (N. leporinus) Family Pteropodidae Subfamily Pteropodinae Genus Acerodon Sulawesi Fruit Bat (A. celebensis) Talaud Fruit Bat (A… Full Answer