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Who was Louis Pasteur?

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) was a French biochemist. He proved theexistence of bacteria, developed the first vaccines and inventedpasteurization.
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What was the IQ of Louis Pasteur?

Intelligence testing began in France by Dr. Alfred Binet in 1904. Pasteur died in 1895. The IQ test had not been yet stablished so we can only pressume. By his work, I would r ( Full Answer )
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Who was Louis Pasteur and what did he do?

Louis Pasteur was a 19th-century biochemist whose work with germs and microorganisms opened up whole new fields of scientific inquiry, aided industries ranging from wine to si ( Full Answer )
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Why did Louis Pasteur do what he did?

Pasteur lived in the time of the theory of spontaneous generation - the thought that life could simply emerge out of thin air. Pasteur disproved this assumption. Pasteur fo ( Full Answer )
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Where did Louis Pasteur work?

Louis Pasteur was an accomplished french scientist and thus, he worked in a laboratory in Paris, France.
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Louis Pasteur home address?

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How many children did Louis Pasteur have?

Louis Pasteur had 5 children, 4 girls and 1 boy. Their names wereJeanne, Cecile, Marie and Camille Pasteur and the boy was calledBaptiste Pasteur. Only two of the children liv ( Full Answer )
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Did Louis Pasteur have a wife and children?

Louis Pasteur married Marie Laurent on May 29, 1849. They had fivechildren together, but only two of them had survived intoadulthood. Three of their children passed away from ( Full Answer )
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Why is Louis Pasteur famous?

Louis Pasteur was a French biochemist who, among other things,discovered pasteurization of milk and made contributions to theGerm Theory. He was trained as a chemist but was N ( Full Answer )
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Where was Louis Pasteur from?

Louis Jean Pasteur, chemist and microbiologist, was born in France in 1822 and is buried there following his death in 1895.
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Contribution of Louis Pasteur in biology?

Known as the founder of microbiology, Pasteur discovered the role of bacteria in fermentation. His experiments with bacteria conclusively disproved the theory of spontaneous g ( Full Answer )
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What bacteria were discovered by Louis Pasteur?

Pasteur demonstrated that fermentation is caused by the growth of microorganisms, and that the emergent growth of microorganisms in nutrient broths is not due to spontaneous ( Full Answer )
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When was penicillin made by Louis Pasteur?

No, It was discovered by Alexander Fleming but he gave up as he couldn't store it. 10 years later in 1944 Ernest Chain and Howard Florey tried it on humans & it worked, just i ( Full Answer )
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When was Louis Pasteur alive?

1822 to 1895. Along the way, he suffered from celebral hemmoraghing, which left his left arm paralyzed (at age 45)
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Why did Louis Pasteur Pasteurize milk?

Pasteurization is done to kill bacteria such as salmonella which may be found in milk and which can make people sick.
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What year did Louis Pasteur discover Pasteurization?

Pasteur and Claude Bernard completed the first experiments on pasteurization in 1862. His theories and observations on how bacteria enter the body led directly to Joseph Liste ( Full Answer )
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How did Louis pasteur do what it did?

pasteur was a great scientist and he was first man who discovered treatment of rabies and he use inoculation for anthrax
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What did Louis Pasteur do at work?

Louis Pasteur was a world renowned French chemist and biologist. He was born on December 27 1822 in the town of Dole in Eastern France. Pasteur's parents were peasants, his fa ( Full Answer )
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What are the accomplishments Louis Pasteur did?

he is a chemist and biologist whose discovery that fermentation is caused by microorganisms resulted in the process of pasteurization
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Did Louis Pasteur play an instrument?

louse did play a instrument in fact 2, he played the clarinet then at 16 he played the recorder
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Did Louis Pasteur work on microorganisms?

Yes, he worked on microbiology, the study of microorganisms. He is most famous for creating the process of pasteurization.
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What dd Louis Pasteur invent?

he did not invent anything,but he did find a way to stop people from getting sick from milk.
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What are Louis Pasteur inventions?

he invented cures for: rabies, ( bacillus anthracis (anthrax), silk worn disease, disease of wines and beers and chicken cholera. he also invented pulverisation
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Who was Louis pasteur and what did she do?

Born: 27 December 1822 . Birthplace: Dole, Jura, France . Died: 28 September 1895 (complications from a series of strokes) . Best Known As: Renowned inventor of pasteur ( Full Answer )
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Why is Louis Pasteur important to history?

he is important to history because he was the one who invented the pasteurization of milk and also he was the one who solved the mysteries of rabies,anthrax,silkworm disease,a ( Full Answer )
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What were the inventions of Louis Pasteur?

pasteurisation is for sure discovered by him as it adds to his name too. the process of fermentation is also discovered by him.his discovery with the help of microorganisms is ( Full Answer )
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Who did Louis Pasteur hang out with?

Louis Pasteur hung out with other scientists including Joseph Lister, John Jacob Astor V., William Waldorf Aster and Robert Koch.
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What did Louis Pasteur do that effect the world?

He discovered it. He discovered that putting food in heat will clear germs. Thats called pasturation. He named it after his name, Louis Pasture
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Who Louis Pasteur marry?

Marie Laurent, a.k.a. Madame Marie Pasteur, one of the daughters of the Rector of the Strasbourg Academy was the wife of famous French chemist and bacteriologist Louis Pasteur ( Full Answer )
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Why is Louis Pasteur so famous what did he do?

Louis Pasteur did many things but is most well-known for discovering how to pasteurise milk (which is where we get the word "pasteurise"). Bacteria in the milk are killed by h ( Full Answer )
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How did Louis Pasteur effect science?

Pasteur convinced his fellow scientists that bacteria was a primarycause of disease, and that controlling such organisms (through heator vaccines) would prevent disease.