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Are pork chops biotic or abiotic?

The term biotic means living or having lived. Examples of biotic factors would include a frog, a leaf, a dead tree, or a piece of wood. The term abiotic means non-living, or never having lived. Examples of abiotic factors would… Full Answer

Is amino acids abiotic or biotic?

Abiotic factors refer to non-living physical and chemical elements in the ecosystem. Abiotic resources are usually obtained from the lithosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere. Examples of abiotic factors are water, air, soil, sunlight, and minerals. Biotic factors are living or once-living… Full Answer

What are two biotic factors?

biotic factor- a "factor"(thing) that can affect other members and abiotic factors in its ecosystem. examples: tree, grass, deer, bear abiotic factor- nonliving thing that affects its ecosystem examples: sun, air, climate, water, temperature

How do abiotic factors affect ecosystems?

Abiotic factors affect an environment in many ways. For instance, if there is too much of abiotic fators in an ecosystem than there is biotic factors, the biotic factors will start to decrease due to the lack of biotic factors… Full Answer

How do abiotic factors influence biotic factors?

Abiotic factors influence where and how biotic factors live in an ecosystem. Air temperature, climate, and water have an effect on biotic factors. Colder temperatures influence which biotic factors are able to survive in the area.