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What is Rapport?

Answer 1 Sweden's biggest news programme. Answer 2 Rapport is a positive or close relationship between people that often involves mutual trust, understanding and attent ( Full Answer )
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Exemples of hardware and software?

Hardware describes any kind of computer equipment that can be physically touched eg. Mouse, keyboard & hard drive. While software describes any kind of computer program that ( Full Answer )
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How do you build rapport?

Building a rapport is associated with increasing friendlyconnections with a co-worker, manager in an effort to strengthencommunication and relationship. Typically in a meet an ( Full Answer )
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A is an exemple of a bar code reader?

The Motorola MC70 seems to be a fairly popular barcode scanner. It's wireless and actually looks kind of like a high-tech cell phone. "Key features include a color 1/4 VG ( Full Answer )
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What is a exemple of a symbol?

the symbol is: e for elephant x for x e for elephant m for mouse p for people l for loser e for you
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Give you an exemple of sexist name?

Nearly all first names are sexist - How many girls are named Jim and how many boys are called Peggy?. Perhaps you mean derogatory epithets like bitch, slut, slapper which are ( Full Answer )
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Use rapport in a sentence?

"Mike and Mindy share many of the same interests, this is why they have a great rapport."
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What is little rapport?

rapport - positive relationship, good understanding (between people). ( Little rapport means that this is lacking).
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How do you put the word rapport in a sentence?

Relationship, especially one of mutual trust or emotional affinity.. The rapport between the starcrossed lovers Romeo and Juliet was quickly told to the Friar.
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Exemples of hint password?

Pet name Bffs name boy friends name family members name teachers name or schools name or your enemy's name.
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How do you establish rapport in the classroom?

Here are ways to establish rapport: . Be respectful - treat the students as though you respect them, even when disciplining them . Be polite - again, even when disciplinin ( Full Answer )
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Exemple of a letter of complaint?

Letterhead or senders address. . Date Name of person addressed Name of Company or Organization Address of Company or Organization City, State, Zip (or equivalent depending ( Full Answer )
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Exemple sentence the word with fun?

The family had a fun day out at the seaside. We tried to stand on our head and eat and ice cream at the same time, what fun we had messing around at Susans party.
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What is an exemple of mixed number?

A mixed number is an integer and a fraction or decimal; like 5 and 1/3 (one-third).
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What are exemples of verb?

Cry Carry Run Sneeze Whistle Drive Rotate Sweep Howl Endure Flagellate Swim Sit Swarm Bite Verbs, as you can see are words of action . . . words of doing something.
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What does pas le rapport mean?

(je ne vois) pas le rapport is (I can't see) any connection / relation in French.
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What are exemples of books like Hush Hush?

twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer Crescendo by becca pitzpatrick (the sequel to hush hush) the house of night by P.C Cast (a book series a bit like hush hush) The immorta ( Full Answer )
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Is repoire the french spelling of rapport?

No, rapport comes directly from French, and is and is spelled the same. It is also pronounced similarly in both French and English.
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How do you establish and keep rapports with adults?

Here are the best ways to establish (and keep) rapport with anyone: . Be honest - people trust and respect you more when you tell the truth . Listen - people love to talk ( Full Answer )
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What are dumb terminals and give exemple?

A dumb terminal is like a display monitor that has no processing capabilities. A dumb terminal is simply an output device that accepts data from the CPU. In contrast, a smart ( Full Answer )
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What is fluid friction please give an exemple?

Fluid Friction is best visualized by VISCOSITY, which is a measure of Flow resistance, or thickness of a Fluid. The thicker a Fluid is the harder it is to move an object throu ( Full Answer )
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What is meant by exemple de lettre de motivation?

"Exemple de lettre de motivation" is French and can be translated as an "example of a cover letter explaining your motivations" which one would usually send with a resume.
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How can supervisors develop rapport with their employees?

They can listen to them and try to see things from their perspectives. They can ask questions and get to know them on a personal level, and then make sure to remember those th ( Full Answer )
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What is exemple scavenger?

A buzzard is an example of a scavenger. Although they will sometimes pick off smaller animals, they are known for eating anything dead that they can find.
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2 exemple the plate tectonies?

In plate tectonics, a convergent boundary, also known as adestructive plate boundary (because of ... 1 Descriptions; 2Convergent margins ... An example of a continental-oceani ( Full Answer )
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2 exemple the energy?

Balancing energy supply and demand while meeting carbon reductiontargets is ... For example, to achieve my plan we would have tomake a huge ..... 1 2. The economic drive is no ( Full Answer )
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2 exemple the global warming?

Global warming examples include rising temperatures, rising oceanlevels, and decreases in global land and sea ... A global averagetemperature rise of 2 degrees Celsius or less ( Full Answer )