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What is a lookup table?

It is a table containing : various combinations of inputs and output desired for that particular combinations. It is similar to truth table. These lookup tables abbr. as LUT. are used in programming CPLDs or FPGAs.

What has the author Ricardo Reis written?

Ricardo Reis has written: 'Inattentive producers' -- subject(s): Prices, Mathematical models, Inflation (Finance), Econometric models 'Odes de Ricardo Reis' 'Fault-Tolerance Techniques for SRAM-Based FPGAs (Frontiers in Electronic Testing)' -- subject(s): Field programmable gate arrays, Integrated circuits, Fault tolerance 'Prosa'

Why people study logic digital design?

Beta Testers Knowing digital logic design is necessary when one designs new CPUs, programs FPGAs, and connects those components to other digital chips. Sometimes it comes in handy for some kinds of computer programming. That's why most colleges require a… Full Answer

What has the author Zainalabedin Navabi written?

Zainalabedin Navabi has written: 'VHDL' -- subject(s): Data processing, Design and construction, Digital integrated circuits, VHDL (Computer hardware description language) 'Embedded Core Design with FPGAs' -- subject(s): Digital integrated circuits, Eingebettetes System, Programming, Design and construction, Embedded computer systems, Field… Full Answer

Is IC is digital or analogy?

Ic design can be divided into the broad categories of digital and analog IC design. Digital IC design is to produce components such as microprocessors, FPGAs, memories (RAM, ROM, and flash) and digital ASICs. Digital design focuses on logical correctness… Full Answer

What is ASI Digital video?

DVB-ASI - Digital Video Broadcast- Asynchronous Serial Interface DVB-ASI is a serial video communications standard defined by the DVB consortium for use in transporting MPEG-2 encoded video streams. The standard is most commonly used to connect cable head-end equipment that… Full Answer

What does an IC chip do?

The thing it was designed to do, which can be nearly anything. Some ICs are just assorted components that the user can wire together as he desires. These are usually called "transistor arrays" and are now generally obsolete because they… Full Answer