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Why is finding Mars difficult?

It is not difficult at all to find Mars. It never wanders far from the ecliptic and is always fairly bright. You might consider consulting a table of ephemera to give you its precise location if you can't find it… Full Answer

Can a monkey kill you?

Monkeys are generally fairly small, and would probably find it difficult to kill a human. But the bigger apes, Orangs, Chimps, Gorillas could easily kill a human. Full Answer

Was the computers easy to use?

Right now I am using a laptop computer to reply to your question. It is fairly easy to use. The earliest computers controlled weaver's looms. They were fairly easy to use but difficult to program. The program was difficult to… Full Answer

How difficult is it to make a LEGO train?

LEGO train directions can be found online at the LEGO website and are fairly easy to follow since these toys are designed for children 8 and up. If one tries to build a train without any directions, it can be… Full Answer