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What is the symbol for Zeus?

The Greek Mythology god Zeus has two symbols that he's mainly known for. The lightning bolt, and the eagle (lord of the sky). Other symbols that represent Zeus but not as well known are the bull and the oak tree… Full Answer

What known religions are considered pagan?

In Africa, there is: Akan mythology, Ashanti mythology, Dahomy (Fon) mythology, Efik mythology, Isoko mythology, Igbo mythology, and Yoruba mythology, all in Western Africa. In Central Africa, there is Bushongo mythology, Bambuti (Pygmy) mythology, and Lugbara mythology. In Eastern Africa… Full Answer

What has the author M A Dwight written?

M. A. Dwight has written: 'Grecian and Roman mythology for schools' -- subject(s): Classical Mythology 'Grecian and Roman mythology' -- subject(s): Greek Mythology, Roman Mythology 'Grecian and Roman mythology' -- subject(s): Classical Mythology, Greek Mythology, Roman Mythology