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How do you bleech your hair?

If you want to bleech your hair, you first have to buy hair bleech from the hair solon (NEVER EVER BLEECH YOUR HAIR WITH LAUNDRY BLEECH IT WILL BURN DOWN YOUR HAIR) mix the hair bleech with some conditioner and… Full Answer

How does hair die effect your hair?

If you are dying your hair blond, the hair die will bleach your hair. Almost all hair dye makes your hair weaker. This may result in a tangible difference in the smoothness and softness of your hair, as well as… Full Answer

What is porous hair?

Porous hair is hair that is able to absorb hair relaxers easily. Porous hair is easier to relax. Porous hair is damaged hair. Hair becomes porous when the outer layer of the hair (cuticle) is damaged and broken. This means… Full Answer

Are hair extentions bad for your hair?

Hair extensions are no worse for your hair then putting clips in it! I have hair extensions. And they are very uncomfortable. If you are considering getting hair extensions get real hair instead of synthetic because you cannot apply heat… Full Answer

What is kerastase hair?

"Kerastase Hair is a hair-care product line in Paris that sells shampoos and hair products for all hair types, from dry and brittle hair to color-treated hair. Kerastase Hair even contains products for men." Full Answer