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What sort of website is HBOS online?

"HBOS website is a banking and finance services site. HBOS is currently available through Lloyd Banking Group. It is a company based in the UK. There are many finance options available. These include but not limited to, credit cards, online… Full Answer

Who owns Halifax buiding society?

Halifax merged with Bank of Sotland to form HBos. However, they found themselves in a disastrous financial situation, owing to their exposure to bad debt. Rather than let the company fail, with catastrophic results to their mortgage holders and the… Full Answer

Who owns royal bank of Scotland?

RBS is a PLC, owned by its share holders and currently owns Natwest, Ulster Bank, Coutts and Citizens Bank Lloyds Banking Group owns Bank of Scotland which used to be owned by HBOS Plc until the beginning of the global… Full Answer