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What is a Haitian?

Haitian means from Haiti or to do with Haiti. A Haitian means to come from the country of Haiti which is in the Caribbean. Full Answer

Is Gabriella union Haitian?

From what i just learn.... she is Haitian, she was born in haiti if you look in wikipedia they say she was born here in the u.s you know haitian the don't want to admite that the are haitian Full Answer

How do you curse in Haitian?

First its creole not Haitian , You'll need to adapt to the Haitian culture to finally know how to curse. Its like a Haitian person trying to learn how to curse in English. So watch some you tube video's and… Full Answer

Is nas Haitian?

Nas is not Haitian; if he has any Haitian ancestry, it is remote. His father was born in Mississippi, and his mother was born in North Carolina. Full Answer