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What are the 3 aspect of health?

The three main aspects of health are physical health, mental health, and social health. The broad category of health can also include emotional and spiritual health, but those first three are the main divisions. Full Answer

The health vaules of your health?

your health is when how long you can live for. When you reachs 0 you are dead. 1,000,000+ health is outstanding 250,000 to 999,999 health is excellent 75,000 to 249,999 health is great 40,000 to 74,999 health is good 10,000… Full Answer

What has the author Agnes Shirley Parker written?

Agnes Shirley Parker has written: 'HEALTH-PROMOTING LIFESTYLES OF EXERCISING AND NON-EXERCISING AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMEN' -- subject(s): Black Studies, Education, Health, Health Sciences, Nursing, Health Sciences, Public Health, Health Sciences, Recreation, Health education, Nursing Health Sciences, Public Health Health Sciences, Recreation Health… Full Answer