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How does your penis look at age 12?

Are you talking length, or shape? In length, while erect, and before puberty it should be 4-5 inches. In shape, while erect, your penis can stick straight out, or up a little bit. While non erect, it looks like a… Full Answer

How do y ou straighten a bent penis?

iron it. But seriously folks, most guys penises are not straight. But if your penis is so severely bent that you can't enjoy sex (or if it recently got that way), see a doctor. There is a disease (Peyronie's disease)… Full Answer

I am 17 my Penis erect in bent but not pain?

Most erections actually aren't perfectly straight. They tend to be slightly banana-shaped. If you are really worried, try speaking to your doctor. Your conversation will be private and confidential, and he will be professional with his answers. Full Answer

Why your penis grows unstraight?

Normal the penis is reasonably straight. With just a bit of a curve in it. However one thing that can make it bend paralytically out of reasonable shape is if it has been circumcises the circumcision was done to tight… Full Answer

What is a cork screw bull?

A cork-screw bull is a bull with a cork-screw penis. A bull with this defect cannot breed females because the penis is not straight enough to be able to enter a cow's or heifer's vagina to breed her. The penis… Full Answer