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Was Beethoven gifted?

Yes, Beethoven even continued to write and compose after he was completely deaf. The fact that his music is still played and enjoyed today shows he had enormous talent which spans the years.

Did the Incas have ostrich's?

ostridges are africian so NO lol although they may have had rheas .. a south americian 'large'(smaller than ostridge and umus) flightless bird. as they are still in use today for plumage and are edible Charles Darwin enjoyed eating them

How did myths come to be?

Well like today people gather around campfires and tell stories over and over again. Now a days a lot of use books but back then campfire stories were a lot like books. Those stories were used to explain what man… Full Answer

What did they do for fun in the 1500s?

Dancing, music, storytelling. Games of various kinds, some of which - chess and chequers or draughts - we still play today. Sports, especially those such as tilting at the quintain, archery, boxing and stave fighting which prepared you for warfare… Full Answer