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Do dogs like super starch?

Depends on the dog. Some dogs so not like super starch. They'll sniff it, but they will not eat it. Dogs do not need a great deal of starch in their diets.

Are raw beef rib bones safe for dogs?

It can be but play it safe and just cook it. Dogs can't have chicken bones, grapes, caffeine, chocolate, rasins,and onion. I disagree......NEVER cook your dogs bones, this weakens the molecular structure and causes them to splinter. As for chicken… Full Answer

Diets for dogs?

um like wise no human food a cup of food once or twice a day water alot of water and excersize

Is eating meat bad for dogs?

Dogs are carnivores. They really need meat in their diets. It's probably the healthiest for them to eat it.yes but not more then 2 cups for a meal nomatter what size your dog is. it is realy bad for them… Full Answer

Are dogs allergic to cheese?

No, dogs are not typically allergic to cheese. Dogs in fact love cheese. If you give your dog cheese, you should do so in moderation. Cheese is fattening and high in cholesterol, which can lead to the same conditions humans… Full Answer

Is a rottweiler a herbivore?

Rottweilers are species of dogs, and like other canines they are naturally carnivorous. As domesticated animals, they can be fed alternative diets if they are balanced and supply all necessary nutrients for the animal.

Sample of Diet As tolerated?

Diet as tolerated refers to what a person is able to consume to obtain nutrients. This can be achieved by tube feeding, blended diets, liquid diets, and normal diets.

What are detox diets used for?

Detox diets are short term diets that are designed to eliminate toxins from the body. Toxins can enter our bodies through everything from pollution to household cleaning materials.