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A repeating decimal is a real number?

Yes repeating decimals are real numbers. They can fall under the category of rational numbers under real numbers since their repeating decimal patterns allows them to be converted into a fraction. Nonreal numbers are imaginary numbers which are expressed with… Full Answer

Is a repeating decimal rational?

yes, repeating decimals (those that have infinite - never ending - number of digits after the decimal point and these decimals show repeating pattern) are rational numbers, because they can be written as fractions.

What kinds of decimals are rational numbers?

There are two kinds of decimals that are rational: terminating and repeating. Terminating decimals are simply decimals that end. For example, the numbers after the decimal point for 3.14, 5.5, and 424.827598273957 don't continue on forever; i.e. they terminate. Repeating… Full Answer

How are repeating decimals used?

If a non-zero rational number, in its simplest form, has a denominator with any factor other than 2 or 5, the ratio cannot be represented by a terminating decimal. So, repeating decimals are used to represent the vast majority of… Full Answer