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Volts to power CD-rom?

The internal power connector supplies both 12v and 5v connections. CD ROM drives may use one or the other, even sometimes both voltages to power the individual components of the drive.

What is an CD-rom?

First of all it is not "an" CD Rom/ It's "a" CD Rom. CD Rom is a pre pressed compact disc that contains data accessible to but not writable by a computer for data storage and music play back.

CD not working on CD-ROM?

at start of computer strike F2 and for setup. Now you should tick the IDE CD ROM or IDE DVD ROM drive because it is sometime disabled by the computer and now enjoy your CD's and if this does not… Full Answer

What does CD rom drive stand for?

CD Rom stands for Compact Disk Read Only Memory. CD ROM is a drive that is connected to a computer and on which a CD-ROM can be played. One can purchase it from online sites like eBay or Amazon.

What does a CD-ROM do on a computer?

A CD-ROM (Compact Disc - Read Only Memory) reads computer CD's. A CD can hold up to 700MB of data. The CD-ROM is read only, meaning that you cannot write to the CD, unlike a CD-RW or CD-R.