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Preparation of phenols?

phenols can be prepared by the following methods. 1) hydrolysis of cholorobenzene: in this process, chlorobenzene which can be obtained by the cholorinationof benzene, is heated at 350*C under high pressure with aqueous sodium hydroxide to get sodium phenoxide, which… Full Answer

How do you convert phenol to aspirin?

C6H5OH + CH3Cl -----(AlCl3)-----> C6H5OHCH3 + HCl phenol + chloromethane ----> 2-methylphenol C6H5OHCH3 -----(alkaline KMnO4, then acidify with HCl)-----> C6H5OHCOOH 2-methylphenol -----> 2-hydroxybenzenecarboxylic acid C6H5OHCOOH + (CH3CO)2O (ethanoic anhydride) -----(c.H2SO4 catalyst)-----> aspirin (C6H5OCOCH3COOH) + (ethanoic acid) CH3COOH