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What does anthropometics mean?

Anthropometrics is the scientific study of human measurements taken across a range of human beings. This means that body measurements are taken across a range of people to find the average to ensure that the product being made contains the… Full Answer

How do you make a Nerf base?

Here is a way to make a simple Nerf base. Step #1 Take any fold out table and set it on the ground, leaving one side upright the other against the floor. Step #2 Place chairs next to the sides… Full Answer

What is the purpose of a chair mat?

There are a few different purposes of a chair mat. One purpose is that it does not let the chair slide around when sitting it it. It also keeps the chair from scratching the floor.

Where is friction not helpful us?

friction is not useful when;involving engines because you will be losing alot of energy.when sliding across the room with a wheel chair because it will be much slower and difficult