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What did Cleopatra do for rome?

Hatred of Cleopatra united the Romans behind Octavian, who declared war on her. By her defeat, she enabled Octavian to change the Roman government from an ineffective republic to a principate. Full Answer

Did Cleopatra live in rome?

No, Cleopatra did not live in Rome. She lived in Alexandria, the capital of Egypt. However she did visit Rome,some historians think twice and she was at Rome when Caesar was killed. Full Answer

Was Cleopatra famous in Rome?

No, in Rome Cleopatra was infamous. Her seduction of Marc Antony when he had a Roman wife, did not make her any friends in Rome. Octavian played this up and a propaganda war began between Octavian and Antony with Cleopatra… Full Answer

Caesar and Cleopatra?

Julius Caesar was the top man in Rome when he met Cleopatra. Cleopatra was feuding with her brother for control of Egypt at the time and Cleopatra was in exile. In Cleopatra's father's will the kingdom was to be shared… Full Answer