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Why do People Terrorize?

Terrorism is a violent method used to intimidate and instill fear in people. It is often done as a means of control or for political reasons.

What is the fear of firearms?

Hoplophobia is the fear of weaponry which includes firearms. The basic fear of firearms is lack of knowledge. Learning safe handling and safe use from someone competent with firearms will instill confidence for the enjoyment of target shooting, hunting and… Full Answer

What phobia is the fear of asians?

The terms used are more specific to these cultures: Sinophobia is the fear of Chinese or Chinese culture Japanophobia is the fear of Japanese or Japanese culture

How could art persuade people?

In advertising to instill a need or desire for something. In propaganda to instill an ideal or political idiom. In mainstream art to create a visual pleasure.

Instill in a sentence?

To use 'instill" in a sentence, you might say, " I am trying to instill these excellent virtues so that you will live a good life as an adult." The word instill means gradually establish.