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What is natron used for?

Natron is a salty chemical found near Cairo, Wadi-Natron, and south of Thebes. Egyptians used natron to embalm the body which took 70 days. Embalmers used natron to preserve the dead body and their organs. The bodies were placed in… Full Answer

What does natron crystals mean?

Natron is a form of salt containing mostly sodium carbonate which forms naturally in certain parts of Egypt. Like other salts in solution, if forms crystals as it dries. Natron was the substance used by the Ancient Egyptians to draw… Full Answer

What is natron made of?

To make Natron you will need Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) and Sodium Chloride (Table Salt). Measure equal quantities of both 50/50 and mix together.Important Note:Natron is a desiccant which means that it absorbs water. You should therefore keep your mix… Full Answer