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Famous known followers of Islam?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Abou Bakr (1st Muslim Caliph), Omar Ibn Al Khattab, Othman Ibn Affan (3rd Muslim Caliph), and Ali Ibn Abu Taleb (4th Nuslim Caliph). Macolm X is not representing main stream Islam.

What does Dar al-Harb mean?

Islam historically (and more extreme elements currently) divided the world into three general categories: Dar al-Islam (دار الأسلام), Dar al-Harb (دار الحرب), and Dar al-Ahed (دار العهد). These categories are literally translated as: the House of Islam, the House of… Full Answer

Are there mosques in england?

Yes of course there are. There are many in central London called Al-khoi, Dar al islam, Rasool al aatham and Wimbledon mosque. The main outfit in London/England is the Regents Park Mosque.

How many khalif's in Islam?

The first main 4 Caliphs (who are called the 4 orthodox caliphs) are: HAZRAT ABU BAKR SIDDIQUE (Raddi Allah Unho) The First Caliph of Islam HAZRAT UMAR FAROOQ (Raddi Allah Unho) The Second Caliph of Islam HAZRAT USMAN GHANI (Raddi… Full Answer