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Can you dry clothes without fabric softeners?

yes, you can! a fabric softener makes the fabric softer, and decreases wrinkling, as well as inhibiting static buildup,or static cling. but it is not necessary to use fabric softener if the aforementioned issues do not bother you(wrinkles, static).

Who invented stain removers?

1950s Automatic dishwasher powders Liquid laundry, hand dishwashing and all-purpose cleaning products Fabric softeners (rinse-cycle added) Detergent with oxygen bleach 1960s Prewash soil and stain removers Laundry powders with enzymes Enzyme presoaks 1970s Liquid hand soaps Fabric softeners (sheets and…

Why was fabric softener invented?

Fabric softeners were invented when the detergent industry moved away from using "soap" and started using synthetic detergents, AKA surfactants, as the cleaning, foaming and emulsifying ingredients in laundry detergents. True soap forms familar soap-scum in hard water. A little…

Where can one buy a salt free water softener?

Salt-free water softeners, or descalers, are usually available in the same places one would purchase regular water softeners. Descalers work differently than salt softeners in that they use electromagnetic pulses to break up the crystals that form in hard water.

How do you wash baby clothes?

I washed my baby clothes along with the other household clothes (using fabric softener) and had no problems. Some babies, however, are highly sensitive or allergic to some laundry detergents, fabric softeners, etc. If your baby develops a rash, this…