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What countries border Tibet?

Tibet Borders with China in the East, India through West to South, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar in South and Turkestan in north-west. Tibet is a landlocked country which was autonomous until 1950 when People's republic of China forcibly occupied Tibet… Full Answer

Which country is Tibet in?

After the Chinese government took over Tibet in 1950, the former country of Tibet became a part of China. Many people feel that Tibet is still its own country and work to bring freedom back to to the Tibetan people. Full Answer

How many people live in Tibet?

Tibet is the lowest populated city in China with only 2 people per square kilometer. In total there are 3.03 million people living in Tibet today. Sorce: My Geography Teacher Full Answer

What is Tibet?

Tibet is one of the province-level administrative units in China. It is known as the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), usually called Tibet for short. It is located on the Tibetan Plateau in the Southwest of China. Full Answer