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How long is the Toyota extended warranty?

"You can purchase a Toyota extended warranty for up to 8 years, or 125,000 miles. The price depends on the length of the warranty, and how soon after your initial purchase you decide to buy the warranty."

Is buying refurbished iMac worth it?

Refurbished iMacs from Apple carry the same warranty and opportunity to purchase the Applecare Extended Warranty. It really beats the new price. Have you tried eBay to see if there are newer "used" iMacs with warranty remaining? Why? Because as… Full Answer

How do you purchase an extended car warranty?

If the warranty that come with your car isn't satisfactory you can purchase n extended warranty. An extended car warranty is bought usually from an insurance company. There re some companies that specialize in these types of warranties.

Do air beds come with a warranty?

As with any item there are some styles of air beds that do not come with a warranty other than the manufacture 30 day replacement. Some companies will sell a higher brand of air beds at a higher price and… Full Answer

What does a Chevy extended warranty provide?

A Chevy extended warranty allows you to get free vehicle repair from thousands of GM dealerships in the United States of America and Canada. You can get more information about this service online at the Extended Chevrolet Warranty website.