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I have a HTML website I want to use a php script I have but the main php file has the info in it and I want it to be on the HTML site how can I embed or use the php code without using frames?

change the extention of the .HTML file to .php and then open the file that was previously HTML and put <?php include ("path/to/second/php/file.php"); ?> so for example if i have page1.HTML and page2.php i rename page1.HTML to page1.php and then… Full Answer

Is php static or not?

PHP is a dynamic, server-side, web scripting language. It is capable of making connections to a database, and storing information to that database as well as reading queries form the DB. This means that PHP allows for the creation of… Full Answer

What is new in PHP?

PHP is a recursive acronym for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor" created by The PHP Group. PHP is a widely used server-side scripting language and the general purpose of PHP is to create dynamic Web Pages. For more information, visit the PHP… Full Answer

What are semantics in PHP?

PHP is related with HTML. HTML can be included into PHP script as well as PHP script can be included into HTML code. PHP begins and ends with <?php ?>. PHP is mix of few languages so semantics is mixed… Full Answer

Where can one find PHP documents?

PHP documents are files that contain PHP codes, JavaScript, HTML, etc. which are executed via the server. PHP files that are stored in the computer can be found by typing ".php" in the search (this is the extension of PHP… Full Answer