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How does encoder differ than decoder?

Answer . encode is to put something into code to make it unreadable to someone who does not know the code. Decode is to work out the code or unscramble the code. So encode ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a DVD decoder?

Answer . If by DVD decoder you mean something to remove copy protection, the best out there is AnyDVD. If you mean the ability to play DVDs download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. ( Full Answer )
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What are Decoders?

A decoder is a circuit that progressions a code into an arrangementof signs. It is known as a decoder in light of the fact that itdoes the converse of encoding, yet we will st ( Full Answer )
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What is encoding and decoding?

decoding is to unscramble a code, encoding is to make or join two codes and make one
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What is Coding and Decoding? encoding is the process by which information from a source is converted into symb ( Full Answer )
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What is an XVod decoder?

XVod decoder is a phony (nonexistent) file used as an enticement for spreading viruses and Trojan horses to unsuspecting downloaders. In addition to this, if you convert the ( Full Answer )
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How do you decode a torrent?

A torrent file is encoded using a method Bram calls "bencoding". You can find the official bencoding specification in the section titled "The connectivity is as follows" in th ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between encoding and decoding?

opening/playing/reading/watching a file (Decoding) and making a file (Encoding) there are many different ways to read/write a bunch of "1's" and "0's." A files extention (. ( Full Answer )
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What is the decoder code?

it is like the vinegere code you have to write in different letters for each one
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Which type of hard drive uses 8b10b encoding scheme to encode and decode data sent along the cable?

Currently these are the only areas that use 8B/10B encoding:. PCI Express . IEEE 1394b . Serial ATA . SAS . Fibre Channel . SSA . Gigabit Ethernet (except for the ( Full Answer )
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How do you decode a vin?

A VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number is a unique number assigned to every modern vehicle on the assembly line. This 17-digit number includes key information about the vehic ( Full Answer )
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Difference between encoder and decoder?

user information is converted into coded format(unreadable format) that is encoding decoding is retrival the original information
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How do you decode unknown script in Pokemon platinum?

There's nothing much to decode. When you read what's written, you just kind of know what it says depending on what the unknown looks like. if you see a "B", it kind of looks l ( Full Answer )
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About multiplexers and de multiplexers and encoder and decoder?

Multiplexer is a device that will select one input and put it through.. De- multiplexers will take one signal and broadcast to many devices.. Encoder will take a signal and ( Full Answer )
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Explain the difference between encoding and decoding?

opening/playing/reading/watching a file (Decoding) and making a file (Encoding) there are many different ways to read/write a bunch of "1's" and "0's." A files extention (.wa ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between encoding and decoding in the communication process?

Encoding refers to the creation of, or the production of, a message (something you are trying to communicate). Decoding refers to the listener, or audience, interpreting and d ( Full Answer )
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Who decoded the honey bee language?

The fact that bees performed dances on the comb has been known for very many years. It was described by Aristotle in his Historia Animalium in 330 BC. In 1947 Karl von Frisch ( Full Answer )
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How do you decode a message?

you turn the red and the green to the choice of the clue so say the clue is r is f then in the secret message you will decode it like that
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What are the applications of decoders?

Decoders are used to analyze data streams for a certain data codeand give an output if the data is present like an address to aperipheral unit that needs service. application ( Full Answer )
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How do you decode to encode using md5 funcation in php?

md5() is one-way encryption method. Example: $test_string="php"; $md_encoded_string=md5($test_string); But, you can't decode the string back to php.So, if you need ( Full Answer )
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Can 'needing an alignment' be detected on a car diagnosis decoder?

No it would be detected by the wear-pattern of your tires. The way they are worn will show you if your wheels are out of alignment. You could have it connected to an align ( Full Answer )
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What is ahb decoder?

the decoder is an AMBA system is used to perform a centralized address decoding functions, which improves the portability of peripherals , by making them independent of the ( Full Answer )
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How do you decode wiccan language?

well there is no real Wicca language... you usually make your own to help protect your spells and anything else in your book of shadows from other peoples reading. Or you can ( Full Answer )
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Where can we use decoder?

you can use the decoder in spy island. if you see some mysterious people, (normally in black) talk to them and they may give you a message.
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Do you need a digital decoder to use Sky Multiroom?

Yes you do. You need one to decode the information that is comming in to the Sky Multiroom Device in order to send it to the other rooms effectively..
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Why is decoding ancient languages important?

Firstly, to know about the origin of all languages which might have a common root. So, we can trace the origin and changes in spelling and meaning of words, and how they becam ( Full Answer )
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How are hieroglyphics decoded?

Hieroglyphics are a writing system made up of small pictures and characters. An early way to decode them was by using the Hieroglyphica, which dates back to the 5th century. ( Full Answer )