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How does united mileage plus work?

United mileage plus is the name of United Airlines' frequent flyer program. Membership to this program is free and can easily be acquired online. Once you become a member, mileage is credited to your account for any flight you sign… Full Answer

Why would someone use mileage plus?

With Mileage Plus from United Airlines, a traveler can easily earn points on almost any purchase. The points can then be used to claim rewards, including cheaper ticket upgrades.

What is a IRA Certificate?

What is IRA certificate of Deposit? In such certificate of deposit, investor can own Roth IRAs or traditional IRAs together with CD inside their accounts. The terms and conditions of such certificate of deposit are same as a regular certificate… Full Answer

What is meant in by term deposits in banking?

The meaning of a Term Deposit in banking is referring to a savings account or a certificate of deposit. This particular savings account or certificate of deposit pays at a fixed rate of interest until given a maturity date.