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What is tax abatement?

Tax abatement is a reduction in the amount of tax that must be paid. The term is most commonly used in connection with real estate taxes, where owners may apply for a tax abatement on the grounds that the property… Full Answer

What is residential tax abatement?

A residential tax abatement typically refers to a type of homestead exemption. In many states in the United States (but not all) a property owner's primary residence (you can't have more than one primary residence and you need to occupy… Full Answer

Legitimate reasons for tax abatement?

Tax Abasement can get larger businesses to come to your area/community/state which is good for your area/community/state. It also allows more jobs for the unemployed! This is a trade off your County Council is willing to make

Abatement in a sentence?

Abatement simply refers to the interruption in the amount or the intensity of something. An example in a sentence: "The laws enforcing pollution abatement".

Do firefighters pay taxes?

Yes firefighters file income tax returns the same as other taxpayers and report all of their worldwide income on the 1040 income tax return that they are filing for the year and pay any income tax that they are liable… Full Answer

Does Walmart pay for education?

No. Walmart receives exemptions from paying property taxes from the localities in which they build stores. This is called tax abatement. Because of this local school districts are short changed the money they need to educate children.