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Where do you insert the penis?

You insert it into a vagina, which is called sexual intercourse, or just sex. Into the vagina and since you have to ask you are probably too young to do this. Full Answer

When should you put your penis in the vagina.?

You should put your penis in the vagina when you want to get the partner pregnant. Otherwise, insert your penis when you are aroused and wearing protection. At any rate, it should always be when your partner desires it. Full Answer

Do you touch privates to have a baby?

In order to reproduce, a male and a female must have intercourse. The male must insert his erect penis into the female's vagina. This action is to be repeated until the penis ejaculates secretions of semen and sperm into the… Full Answer

Why don't people like to talk about sex?

Because it is an awkard fact which holds that a man and a woman want to have sexual intercourse. Therefore, saying a man wants to insert his penis on a vagina and a woman wants a penis inserted on her… Full Answer