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Where to buy ballet shoes?

One of the best places to buy ballet shoes and other dance gear is at However, I recommend buying from a local dance store so that you are able to be properly fitted in the shoes.

How do you make silver shoes?

You can buy them of course, or you can get a can of silver spray paint and make any pair you already have into silver ones. You can even add silver glitter to the wet paint if you like. Ballet… Full Answer

What is ballet shoes about?

ballet shoes help keep you feet from getting nasty blisters i dance without dance shoes because i want to feel the floor but i have danced with shoes and they help you if you are a beginner or if you… Full Answer

Which pointe shoes to buy?

I would suggest that you ask your ballet teacher for recommendations. It is important to get properly fitted as the best way to injure yourself is to have bad fitting pointe shoes. As makes go, I would suggest Grishko (2007… Full Answer

Can Rihanna do ballet?

I sawed her on pointe shoes in umbrella but her feet were wrong why to do it. she had to make the position of her feet better. i have been on pointe shoes for 5 months and my dance teacher… Full Answer