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Uses of garnishes?

You can use the garnishes to decorate your seafood. (Or whatever food you're making) Or you can eat the garnishes along with the food. (Garnishes have a bitter taste)

Are garnishes a french food?

No, garnishes are not food from france. Garnishes are what you put on your meal to make it look better, such as a sprig of parsley on soup or a sprinkle of spice on your pasta.

What insects prepare food for winter?

Insects are cold blooded so they prepare their food before winters arrive. Ants and termites stock up their food so they keep themselves comfortable until spring arrives.

What do you use garnishes?

Garnishes are commonly used on savoury foods to give the food a nice touch by adding more attraction to it. Decorating is only used on sweet foods such as cakes.

How do you prepare for Passover?

The house is cleaned of all chametz (leavened products). Food that is specifically kosher for Passover is purchased. All dishes, pots and pans, utensils, etc are switched with sets that are used only during Passover. Lots and lots of cooking… Full Answer

Is ice cream bad for a cold?

No food is per se "bad" for a cold. However, dairy products can increase the sensation of stuffiness or mucus production. You will feel somewhat better by avoiding them for the duration of the cold.