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How To Use a USB Flash Drive?

How To Use a USB Flash Drive First, if you don't already have one, buy a USB flash Drive. Second, put the flash drive into the USB slot. Choose what picture, music, e.t.c that you want to transfer to another… Full Answer

Can you put Maplestory on a usb?

Yes! You certainly can. If you are just downloading and installing MapleStory. Insert a USB drive or a flash drive and select it as the download destination. DO NOT take it out while downloading or installing. If you already have… Full Answer

How do you put music in my USB?

First put the USB into the computer. Then click pen USB with folders. It should be at the bottom or second from the bottom. Then just drag the music on.

How do you install Ut3 mods?

Download a USERDATA.JAM file, put it on a USB flash drive, put the flash drive in the PS3, start the game, go to COMMUNITY, then CUSTOM CONTENT, then press square to import mods. Press Start when the USB flash drive… Full Answer