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Why does your penis always smell?

If you're uncircumcised, it could be due to a build-up of smegma behind the foreskin. Proper personal hygiene can prevent it, by making sure you retract your foreskin during bath or shower, and remove any smegma.

Will circumcision get rid of odor?

Circumcision prevents the accumulation of smegma under the foreskin. Smegma has an odor. Therefore if that is the cause of the issue. It will remove it. If the odor is caused by something else it won't. On balance it probably… Full Answer

What are the function of smegma?

smegma is whitish/yellowish epithelium cells + dead skin cells that form beneath the foreskin of the penis in most cases, smegma is considered a natural yet a disease with odor.. secreting too much smegma should checked out, however normal secretion… Full Answer

Is smegma cheesy?

, yes smegma is a rather tasty form of cheese formed by the recticule, known as the penis in some countrys such as France children give their smegma to their mother for a rather tastefull omelate.

Is a smegma harmful?

No, smegma is not harmful. Some claim that it has natural antibacterial enzymes, and others say it doesn't. It is natural and should be cleaned as part of daily hygiene.

What is collected and produced under the foreskin?

Smegma (Greek smÄ“gma, "soap") is a combination of exfoliated (shed) epithelial cells, transudated skin oils, and moisture. It occurs in both female and male mammalian genitalia. Both sexes can produce smegma. In males, smegma is produced and can collect under… Full Answer

Why is smegma smelly?

Smegma is a fluid produced by the glans. The glans is located at the tip of the male copulation (penis). Smegma is smelly because it accumulate with bacteria (singular: bacterium) , sweat etc. . This is why foreskin is removed… Full Answer

What is is smegma?

Generally, smegma is something most commonly associated with uncircumsized men that is a substance found under the foreskin. It is a white substance that varies from white and filmy to 'cheesy' and thick. Smegma has also been referred to as… Full Answer