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If you had to reformat your computer and re-install iTunes how do you sync your iPhone without losing your apps?

After installing iTunes, plug in your iPhone and let it complete any patch updates or system backups. Then, find your iPhone under "Devices" in the left-hand explorer bar, ( Full Answer )
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How do you get apps on the iPhone?

Tap on the "App Store" icon . Find an App you like . Tap on the price in the top right corner . Tap "Install" . Put in your password when prompted.
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What apps can you get for the iPhone?

Games like "angry birds" Utility like "B Book" Social Network like "FB or Twitter" Hi, The first and most required app for your iphone would be My iPhone, since this a ( Full Answer )
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How do you transfer downloaded apps to iPhone?

Your iPhone should have come with a connection cord used to plug into a USB port. Plug the first part of the cord into your iphone and the other part into the USB port on you ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get apps for the iPhone?

From iTunes. Look for the App Store tab. If you jailbreak your iPhone you'll void your warranty and won't get any free service if anything happens to you iPhone. When you get ( Full Answer )
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Can you get apps for the iPhone?

yes you can ... on the itunes appstore... and also check out the if you want good apps and games just for freee .... :) .
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Does the iPhone get apps?

Yes, many and you can find them in the iTunes App Store. It has several categories, Top lists, built in search for you to find an app you would like to have on your iPhone. Ar ( Full Answer )
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Can you use ipod and iPhone apps on iTunes?

no you cannot use ipod and iphone apps on itunes, but you can buy the apps on itunes and put them on your ipod and iphone
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Are your iPhone apps transferable to your iPad?

yes u can transfer apps from ur iphone to the ipad!! Most applications will run in compatibility mode, but some have been rewritten to support natively both iPad and iPhone ( Full Answer )
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What apps does the iPhone have?

With iOS 5, it comes with: . Phone . Mail . Safari . Music . Messages . Calendar . Photos . Camera . Videos . YouTube . Maps . Weather . Notes . Reminders . Clo ( Full Answer )
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How do you transfer apps from your iPhone 4 to your iPad?

Connect your iPhone into your MAC or PC and iTunes should pop-up(if it doesn't it means you've disabled it to do so, so open it upyourself). In the top left side of the screen ( Full Answer )
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How do you delete apps from the iPhone 4?

Hold down an app and all the apps will start jiggling and then press X on the top left hand corner of the app icon and then once it is deleted press the Square button to retur ( Full Answer )
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How do you transfer apps back to iPhone from itunes that you deleted on iPhone?

When you plug your device into iTunes you can sync to the last time you updated. Just go to the home screen and click "backup" it will chose the last backup and make sure you ( Full Answer )
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What apps come with an iPhone 4?

the usual apps that come with an iphone or an iphone 4 are: ~Phone ~Calendar ~App Store ~Photos ~YouTube ~and much more hope this helped:\
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How do you download the Facebook app for iPhone 4?

idk i dont have one look me up on jessica teague I just went into the app store on my iPhone and typed in Facebook in the search bar. It found the free app and ( Full Answer )
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Does iPhone 3gs apps work on iPhone 4?

yes, but not all iphone 4 apps are available on the iphone 3gs/3g/2g becuase they are too high resolution apps, or need a front facing camera.
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How do you log out of apps on the iphone 4?

1st,press the home[circle] button 2 times right after each other;it should show a bunch of apps youve been 2,so hold it like ur going 2 delete it,& it will show a - instead of ( Full Answer )
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How do you get iPhone emoticons without an app?

Settings>General>Keyboards>Japanese romanaj. Add it and in the keyboard hit the globe, go to numbers, hit the face button, and on the top right corner of the keyboard there is ( Full Answer )
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What are the Apps for the iPhone 4?

Almost all of the applications on the iTunes store is compatible with the iPhone 4. Exceptions are applications which are for the iPad.
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How do you unfreeze apps on the iPhone 4?

You have to turn it off and then turn it back on. If that doesn'twork, then you have to take it to your phone provider and get itfixed. When you turn it off, you have to wait ( Full Answer )
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What is the apps on the iPhone?

Apple iPhone has changed the way people use mobile phones. IPhone has gave access to internet, e -services, banking, sales and marketing for the users. The iPhone apps develo ( Full Answer )
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Can you transfer apps from iPhone to android?

Android, being open source allows apps to be installed from external sources. However, you cannot transfer apps from one platform to another. iOS and Apple block their appsto ( Full Answer )