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What is the unlock code for sprint phones?

It all depends on what phone you are talking about and exactly what it is that you're trting to "unlock". The different phones all have different operating systems and those a ( Full Answer )
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What is the sprint HTC unlock code?

You can get an unlock code for your Sprint HTC from your networkservice provider. There are also third party vendors who can assistyou in unlocking your device.
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How does a unlocked palm treo work?

Just like any other unlocked phone, a unlocked treo basically is not limited to a particular mobile carrier. For example, a phone locked by Sprint can only work on the Spri ( Full Answer )
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Can unlocked iPhone be used with Sprint?

Generally, these days, phones that can be moved from system to system are GSM phones. Phones that are sold by Sprint and Verizon are not GSM - or they are not GSM on their hom ( Full Answer )
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Who designed the Palm Pre phone?

\n. \nPatrick McCutchan - the designer of the Apple Iphone.\n. \ndesign was sent to the CEO of palm describing it as a polished river stone in 2006.\nwanted a ergonomic palm ( Full Answer )
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When will the Palm Pre come out?

The Palm Pre will be coming out on June 6th from Sprint. The price will be $199 after a $100 mail in rebate. You will also be required to have a 2 year contract.
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Can you download ringtones for the palm pre?

The only way to upload ringtones as well as wallpapers to the Palm Pre is to connect the device to your PC via the included USB cable and select "Mass Storage". By doing this, ( Full Answer )
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Where is the palm pre camcorder?

\nnot yet, but i just saw a cool camcorder app from the palm pre, its an image per second, so its not too shabby...not as good as having an actual camcorder, but it will do fo ( Full Answer )
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How do you Change battery on palm pre?

On the bottom of the phone is a little rectangular engraved marking. Just press on it, and lift the back cover. Be careful it feels flimsy, but it should come out fairly easy. ( Full Answer )
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Does the palm pre require internet?

No it does not. All it needs is a voice network connection so that you can set up your palm profile and send and receive phone calls. For everything else you would need a inte ( Full Answer )
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What song is on the commercial for the palm pre?

\n . One* of the commercials features a red-haired woman who turns back and forth in front of a camera, while a green landscape and a sky with moving clouds appears behind he ( Full Answer )
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Can the palm pre play movies?

Yes. Also, it can store quite a few at 16 gb [+] or 8 gb [non+]
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Is the Palm Pre coming to Verizon?

It has not been officially confirmed, but it is rumored to be on Verizon early 2010.
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Does the palm pre have a SIM card?

Yes the Palm Pre has a sim card. The Palm Pre is a CDMA device andall CDMA devices have sim cards.
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Does the palm pre have a video camera?

Yes it does. Originally it did not but there was an update around February that added the video camera.
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Is the palm pre a good phone?

The Palm Pre is an awesome phone! I can get my emails the second that they are sent. It is a touch screen and a slide up keyboard. Ever since I got my palm pre my life has bee ( Full Answer )
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Where are apps for palm pre?

There is an App Catalog which has ~6000 apps. Also Preware allows use of themes and patches and more apps. For more info see
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Can the palm pre use wifi?

Yes it can use wifi and there is even a way for it to be a wifi hot spot.
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What colors do the palm pixi and palm pre come in?

Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus only come in black. Pixi and Pixi Plus also are only available in black but accessory backs are avaialble in several colors including yellow, red an ( Full Answer )
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Are the palm pre and palm pre plus the same?

No - there are a few differences. Cosmetic: The pre has a ball like object in the gesture area. The plus has a slit of light and no indent.. Memory: Pre = 256MB Pre+ =512 ( Full Answer )
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Is the palm pre better than the the palm pixi phone?

the palm pre and palm pixi are the same type of phone, with slight differences. other than the difference in screen size, megapixel (3px vs. 2px) and access to Wi-Fi, they are ( Full Answer )
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How can you connect your palm pre to computer?

connect it using the included USB to micro USB cable, or ANY USB to micro USB cable. It will ask you to "Just Charge" or "USB Drive." The second one allows you to access the m ( Full Answer )
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How unlock the Samsung rant of sprint?

Samsung Rant is a CDMA phone, and right now, there is no unlocking for CDMA phones. Unlocking can only be done on GSM phones.
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How do you unlock a palm pixi?

If it is a GSM version (one that requires a SIM card) then the answer is yes. All SIM unlock codes are tied to the particular device IMEI and are carrier specific. The request ( Full Answer )
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What is the terminal app for the palm pre?

The Palm Pre line are based on Linux. To access Linux commands, there is a terminal app. There is also an app called Internalz Pro that allows file and folder browsing. prec ( Full Answer )
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Will sprint activate unlocked phones?

Sprint cannot activate unlocked devices at all due to the fact that they use a CDMA network that does not use SIM cards and unlocked devices use a GSM network that do require ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get palm pre cell phones?

well you can get palm pre cell phones in bell stores because as far as i know they are the only ones who sell them. so there you go that's your answer and please chek on inter ( Full Answer )
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Does the palm pre from sprint have android?

NO! The pre is based on WebOS. In many ways it is far superior to Andriod. These are operating systems [think Windows vs Mac.]
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Can you pre pay for a Sprint Sero plan?

It is practically impossible to pre-pay for a Sprint Sero plan, since the phone would need to be ported to a pre-paid phone in order to transfer the telephone number over.
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Where is the palm pre locate?

The Palm Pre - a smartphone designed by Palm - has a location option that allows one to acquire GPS for self location as well as the location of others things around him or he ( Full Answer )
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What are the features of the Palm Pre?

Some features are; a Camera, a video camera, Bluetooth connection, a Speakerphone, Music Player Keyboard, Email, 3g Speed, Wifi internet connection, and GPS!
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How to unlock a sprint iphone 5c?

Unlocking a iPhone 5 is easy. All you have to do is take it to aphone company and have them do it.