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What has the author C L Karr written?

C. L. Karr has written: 'Genetic algorithm applied to least squares curve fitting' -- subject(s): Curve fitting, Data processing, Genetic algorithms, Least squares 'An adaptive system for process control' -- subject(s): Fuzzy logic, Genetic algorithms, Process control

What is rls algorithm?

The Recursive least squares RLS adaptive filter is an algorithm which recursively finds the filter coefficients that minimize a weighted linear least squares cost function relating to the input signals. This is in contrast to other algorithms such as the… Full Answer

What is adaptive cruise?

It works in conjunction with a radar system, such as Bendix Wingman, and it adjusts the speed of the cruise control in accordance with the following distances behind vehicles in front of you, so that you maintain a safe following… Full Answer

What is adaptive control?

Adaptive control involves modifying the control law used by a controller to cope with the fact that the parameters of the system being controlled are slowly time-varying or uncertain. For example, as an aircraft flies, its mass will slowly decrease… Full Answer