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What are pash bands?

its a band name from soft drink lid, the rubber round thing inside the lid, it means that is someone breaks it you have to pash them.

How do you kiss pash?

im 13 and i have only pashed my boy friend once u don't plan to pash ur bf it just cums naturally just do it and go with the flow its easy to pash open your mouth a bit and… Full Answer

How do you pash?

Well i just had my first pash last night at a dance and i had nooo clue what to do so when we were kissing i just slided my tongue over his and threw is mouth the next day i… Full Answer

What age can you pash a boy?

you can really be any age as long as your okay with it and ready. i was 13 when i started just go slowly though, dont rush into it. you can really be any age as long as your okay… Full Answer