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How does a IP Telephone work?

An IP telephone looks just like a regular telephone, but instead of having a regular phone connector it has a place for an ethernet connection. An IP telephone connects directly to a router and already has all the software and… Full Answer

What is a bt phone line used for?

A phone line through BT can be used in either a business or home setting. With either business or personal you can use your BT phone line to make and receive calls as well as faxes. BT is a company… Full Answer

What is broadband Internet?

Answer: Broadband Internet access, often shortened to "broadband Internet" or just "broadband" is a high data-transmission rate Internet connection. DSL and Cable Modem, are typically capable of transmitting 512 kilobits per second (kbit/s) or more, approximately nine times the speed… Full Answer

What is pure broadband?

The term "pure broadband" is a marketing term for a DSL broadband connection that does NOT include telephone service. Also known as "dry DSL" or "naked DSL", many telecoms offer this service around the world. In America, companies like Embarq… Full Answer

What is a land line?

A land line is a regular telephone line, typically served over a pair of copper wires from the a phone company, like AT&T. Also called a POTS line (Plain Old Telephone Service). Full Answer

What exactly does a bt homehub do?

The bt homehub is an amazing wireless router and telephone which supplies very fast wireless signal. It can be used in the home for wired and wireless connections, VOIP telephone protocol and can also be used in conjunction with a… Full Answer