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What age can you start pet sitting?

Be "of age" (which is usually is 18 years of age or older). Preferably older. For more information on what age you can start pet sitting or to find a quality pet sitter please visit the (international) Pet Sitter Locator

What states can you have a pet monkey?

Tennessee is one of the only states where it is legal to own a pet monkey. There are lots of rules surrounding the ownership of monkeys and owning baboons or apes is illegal.

Are owls mean or nice?

Owls are nice when domesticated (kept as pet), but owl ownership veries from country to state.

When can you buy a pet?

You can buy a pet at any age as long as you are not scared of them. Also if you are allergic to them PLEASE do not buy one. Actually, the perfect age to buy a pet is when you… Full Answer