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Can non military personnel wear military uniforms?

Not legally. You could be charged for impersonation of a military Member, but as long as you arent wearing any distinct identifiers (ie Capbadge, or unit Slip-ons/ Eppilates, ( Full Answer )
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Can discharged military personnel wear military uniforms?

Answer . Depends on how they were discharged and whether or not they are members of the reserve. You should have a valid military ID of some type, active, retired, disabili ( Full Answer )
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Is it correct to wear military uniform to special events?

It is fine. Keep in mind you are bound by the U.C.M.J. and M C & C , (United States Military only, and if not of the US military then the respective laws set for your country' ( Full Answer )
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Can prior service members of the military who become police officers wear military ribbonsmedals on their law enforcement uniforms?

not to our knowledge, the police and military service are to completely separate branches of government, ie. national defense and local police I have seen military ribbons wo ( Full Answer )
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What US military medals are issued for service in South Korea?

The US Korean Service Medal was awarded to members of the US armed forces who served 30 consecutive or 60 non-consecutive days in the Korea Theater between June 27, 1950 and ( Full Answer )
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Can you wear a military uniform at a civilian funeral?

yes as long as it is a uniform that is allowed to be worn in public. YOU MUST BE ENTITLED TO WEAR IT. Keep in mind it must be appropriate or you should not do it. if you are s ( Full Answer )
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Are all awards required to be worn on the military uniform?

depends on your branch of service and the uniform type. The Navy for example can choose to wear their highest three awards on some uniforms and both the navy and Marines can c ( Full Answer )
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Is it ok for the groom to be the only one wearing his Military uniform?

yes, but check with what the wife wants. They have been picturing this day forever and may just want you to wear a tux. Also if you wish to have an arch of steel (the swords t ( Full Answer )
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Can obama wear a military uniform as commander in chief?

NO he is elected by the people. Remember the principle of "Civilian control of the Military" meaning that the military is the responsibility of the elected civilian officers. ( Full Answer )
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As commander in chief can obama wear a military uniform?

The probable answer would be NO. The President is the civilian Commander-In-Chief "Elected by the people". And if the President started wearing a Military Uniform it would as ( Full Answer )
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When a military person goes to war what medal are they allowed to wear?

It depends on what campaign they are supporting. If they deployed to Iraq they will be awarded the Iraqi campaign medal and if it's Afghanistan it's the Afghanistan Campaign M ( Full Answer )
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About Military service?

Toy Caldwell enlisted in the Marine Corps, the day after graduation in 1966. He served in VN and received a Purple Heart. He returned from active duty in 1968.
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Can you wear french tips in military uniform?

This depends on the military that you are in. The American Marines just recently allowed french manicures so long as they conform to the standard on nail length that was alrea ( Full Answer )
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Can nonmilitary personnel wear old military uniform jackets?

Yes, although in many countries they are required to not wear certain badges or insignia such as the official emblem of that country's armed forces, and some items are also re ( Full Answer )
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Can i wear my military uniform to church?

If you're Active Duty or Reserves on Active status, yes. If you're a Veteran, retired or otherwise, there are restrictions on when and where you can/should wear your uniform, ( Full Answer )
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Is it illegal for a civilian to wear a military uniform?

It depends on the intent. If a person wants to wear uniform items, its allowable. But if a civilian wears a CURRENT military uniform with the intention of making others belief ( Full Answer )
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Name the medal that is the highest award for military service?

For the Germans/Prussians it is the star of the grand cross of the order of the iron cross. Only two men have ever been awarded this honour they are Gebhard von Blucher 1813 a ( Full Answer )
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Can you wear the general service cross with other official military medals?

It is widely worn and is frequently listed not as a comemorative medal but as a campaign or service medal. Worn also in Berkshire and Hampshire Fire Services where, in Hampshi ( Full Answer )
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Can any military personal wear any uniform anytime?

no, they have rules about when different uniforms are appropriate and are usually given a uniform of the day to wear. *its usually the same one and is not a guessing game as t ( Full Answer )
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Why does Texas a and m band wear military uniforms?

Texas A&M is one of six schools in the US designated as "senior military colleges." It has an extensive ROTC program, and roughly half of the school's "Corps of Cadets" are co ( Full Answer )
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Why doesn't the president wear military uniform?

Though the President is the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, he is a Civilian Government leader, and as such, is not authorized to wear a military uniform in that ( Full Answer )
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Can you get in trouble with the Government by wearing a military uniform?

You can get in trouble with the government if you are trying to impersonate a military member. People have tried to get onto military bases they're not supposed to be on while ( Full Answer )
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Can you wear your military uniform on July 4?

If currently serving, you may wear the dress uniform. Persons that are retirees or honorably discharged veterans may wear the dress uniform to attend a parade or patriotic cel ( Full Answer )